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Category: ABG Affiliated Business Group ABG Affiliated Business Group
Published: 12 January 2019 12 January 2019

Glenn Heights, TX – Are you a small store that cannot afford an e-commerce website, but need to showcase your products in a “Shopping Cart” format for the public to see what you have for sale?  We offer to build you such a showcase on this website, at a very reasonable price.

We post your content with as many product photos, descriptions, brands, pricing, special pricing for sales events and any other information you wish posted about your products.  Click Here for an example of an Online Store on this website.

We also post everything about your business and link each item in your shopping cart to that information so the prospective buyer(s) knows all about your company, your location, etc. Click Here to see all the information we post about your company.

The biggest objectives in this online presentation are:

Contact Us today and let us give you a quote for these services.

Take advantage of our website’s viewer traffic to showcase your company and the products you sell.

P.S. If you are a home based business, or just like to sell your “stuff” from home, we can also create your “Online Store” to be a “Designation” catalog for all the items you are selling.

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