DeSoto & Cedar Hill Battle of Beltline Payback Press Conference

Cedar Hill, TX - DeSoto & Cedar Hill Battle of Beltline Payback Press Conference at the Tri-City Animal Shelter, 1150 E. Pleasant Run Road, Cedar Hill, Texas

Thursday, November 4, 2021, 10:00 AM.

Main Participants:

Mayor Rachel Proctor/DeSoto

Mayor Stephen Mason/Cedar Hill

Mary White/Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter

Tammy Miller/ Tri-City Animal Shelter


Emcee: Matt Smith/DeSoto Communications Manager

The score has been settled in the Battle of the Beltline. Cedar Hill’s Stephen Mason is a Mayor of his word and honored his bet with DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor by wearing the actual game jersey of Cedar Hill’s arch rivals, the DeSoto Eagles, on Thursday morning at the Tri-City Animal Shelter in Cedar Hill.

Mayor Mason also presented a personal check for $250 to the shelter and was matched by DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor who presented the shelter with a bigger personal check for the same amount?

Our video of the full press conference runs 10:48 and you can link to it below.

both mayors support tri city

mayor mason goes green

mayor mason donates 250 to tri city 1

mayor rachel presents check

desoto mayor meets desoto