Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry and New2You Thrift Shop

Cedar Hill, TX - The Cedar Hill Shares is a community-wide effort to alleviate hunger in our city which has outgrown their current Food Pantry building.

Initially serving 50 families a month when this building opened 15 years ago, they now serve between 150 and 200 families a week. The space is too small, lacks adequate cooler and freezer space, is inefficient and without ample parking. The New2You Thrift Store has been very successful since it opened 9 years ago. Net proceeds from the Thrift Store go back to the Food Pantry to support its programs. But, it’s leased space costs over $5,000 per month.

To raise $250,000 which will help Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry and New2You Thrift Shop to be housed in one building to efficiently provide much needed services to those in need in the Cedar Hill community.Beyond food, there is assistance available for with electric and water bills, they are a drop off location for Meals on Wheels and provide assistance to clients applying for Food Stamps and other aid. They offer volunteer opportunities for youth to fulfill school community service requirements, for adults to make a difference in the community and for court ordered community service to be served.

Cedar Hill Shares is planning a new facility to house both the Food Pantry and Thrift Store which will triple the Food Pantry size and slightly enlarge the Thrift Store with room to expand in the future. The combined facility will allow them to be more efficient, easier to manage, share costs and provide a one stop shop for clients.

Donating to this worthy cause will allow the Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry and Thrift Store to come together in one facility to build a stronger community and continue to benefit those with limited means. Cedar Hill Shares is a 501(c)3 public charity. Donations qualify as Charitable Contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. To learn more about Cedar Hill Shares, visit their website at Cedar Hill Shares.

Thank you for your gift and we appreciate your support!

Teresa  Turner
Concerned Citizen of Cedar Hill, TX  

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