Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation

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Published: 30 April 2018 30 April 2018

Cedar Hill, TX - The Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a Type A corporation operating within the City of Cedar Hill. The mission of the Cedar Hill EDC is to retain and expand business through a proactive retention and expansion program,

attract desirable business and industry by fostering a business friendly environment, and aggressively market Cedar Hill utilizing a multi-faceted approach.

In the early 1990s, the population of Cedar Hill was increasing rapidly and citizens began to be concerned about the need for orderly economic development. An economic development advisory committee was formed by the city council that surveyed the residents to see how they envisioned Cedar Hill’s future. Based on the response, subcommittees were formed to look into funding, asset enhancement, and community image.

In January 1994 voters approved a special sales tax to fund the economic development efforts, and the Cedar Hill EDC was incorporated in September 1994. They began with an annual budget of $150,000, and have increased it to $3.5 million with their development efforts.

Recently, the Cedar Hill EDC was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Economic Excellence by the Texas Economic Development Council for a “commitment to professional economic development by city administration, elected and appointed officials, and exemplary professional standards demonstrated by the economic development staff.”

In addition, the Cedar Hill EDC has also received the Workforce Excellence Award for their development of an innovative and collaborative workforce model in partnership with local industrial companies, education partners, and non-profits.  The award was received in June 2015 from the Texas Economic Development Council.

Source: Dallas Innovates