Cedar Hill High Seniors Receive Over $ 700,000 Scholarships

Cedar Hill, Texas — Cedar Hill High School has calmed down with the almost obvious excitement of summer vacation. This is the last Friday afternoon of this year.  But senior Jacoby Thornton hasn’t cleaned up the lockers or handed over his graduation album.

He follows the steps of the school’s drill team instructor on the practice stage of the Performing Arts Center.

After finishing the choreography, he takes a sip of water and takes a deep breath. Bethany Kennedy, theatrical director of Cedar Hill High, is pressing for the song to play. Start singing the hairspray “Run and Tell That”.scholar

On Monday, Thornton will play this song, along with another choreography he was practicing for the Dallas Summer Musical High School Theater Awards. He is a tin woodman in Wiz and is one of 10 high school students in the area nominated for Best Actor.

Cedar Hill has been nominated for a record five categories this year. Thornton was the first school student to be nominated for Best Actor.

“Everything in my life is performance, performance, entertainment, it’s all,” Thornton said. “I actually started with sports.”

Thornton played soccer. I took an honor drama class in 9th grade. He remembers what he felt during his first performance at Cedar Hill.

“When you hear the laughter of the audience, you get a completely different feeling,” says Thornton. “When I felt I had to keep doing this, I felt I had to keep doing this.”

So he did. He played football and played until the second grade.

“One day there was a match right after the rehearsal, so I went to the rehearsal in a full pad and jersey, but I thought I had to solve something,” Thornton said. T.

Thornton, who admits he was a good football player, chose the theater.

“The fact that I always liked performance rather than seeing things as competition,” Thornton said. “In football, someone has to win and someone has to lose. In theater, it’s not like that. Of course there are competitions, but that’s not the case. We enjoy together and I We are a family. It feels great. It’s a great and relaxing atmosphere with everyone. “

He doesn’t see it as a competition, but he definitely wins.

In addition to being one of the potential performances to win the DSM Best Actor Award, we offer over $ 700,000 in scholarships.

“Actually, I made more money last night,” Thornton said. “Maybe about $ 730,000”

He chose Milliken University in Decatur, Illinois. He pursues acting BFA. He doesn’t know if he’ll pursue a career on stage or on screen, but he calls Chadwick Boseman his idol and wants to tell a story that impresses people like a deceased actor.

“As much as I can tell a story that most people in the world don’t know,” Thornton said. “Whether the story is fiction or non-fiction, there are always lessons to be learned from it.”

And perhaps the biggest lesson he has learned from his story is to pursue passion and maximize opportunities.

For example, the DSM Awards are next Friday. The same night as the graduation ceremony.

“I had to talk to my mother about this. She supported me all the time. When I said that, she saw me on stage at the graduation ceremony. I had a little trouble understanding that it wasn’t. She also knew how great this was. “

“We decided it was okay,” Thornton said. “I will miss graduation. I will perform.”

 Source: Texas News Today