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Published: 14 April 2019 14 April 2019

DeSoto, Texas - When you are looking for the right solutions to your skin, scalp and hair problems, look no further than ALBRA DEWYN™. We are a well-established online retailer and available at our Desoto, Texas location for North Texas customers too!

The Best Skin, Scalp and Hair Care Products

When you buy our all natural ingredients based cosmetic skin, scalp and hair care products, you can rest easy knowing that more than two decades of research and development has been performed ensuring safe and effective products.

Complete Solution for Your Skin, Scalp and Hair Needs

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Use Our Products!

ALBRA DEWYN™, in Desoto, Texas is your online source for a comprehensive range of skin, scalp and hair care products that are perfect for hair growth care and dry skin. Results are seen within seven days after the first shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp. Take a photo before using the products and seven after using the products and see for yourself. That’s not all! We also carry an amazing quality cosmetic cream that works wonders for fine lines, wrinkles and aging spots the “Day and Night Cream”. In addition, our "Total Body Wash and Lotion" all natural ingredient based products will resolve your dry skin and scalp needs.

The official FDA disclaimer states: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”


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