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We sell designer type fragrances in Body Oils.   Our company's mission is to bring Cosmetic Grade Body Oils to our customers. Our focus is on designer fragrances as well as celebrity fragrances. Our purpose is to help each customer find their personal scent  to ensure a lasting relationship.


Designer fragrances as sold in department stores are nothing more than the blending of various fruits, flowers and plant oils, with alcohol added and the name of the designer who created the mixture attached. The high price you pay is for marketing, alcohol and facility overhead. Of course it's not that simple, it's the creativity of the designer and their blending of the oils that gives the fragrance its unique scent. We seek to provide you, the customer, with the essence of the scent minus the high cost.   

WHY OUR BODY OILS ARE LABELED TYPE? The ingredients to make a perfume oil isn’t copy written and no one owns the notes, making them available to everyone. We have a business relationship with a cosmetic company who combines the ingredients of the different fragrances, and we purchase that composition from them to retail to you.

However, the Name of the fragrance & trademarks are copyrights and are properties of their respective manufacturers and or designers,whom we or our distributor have no affiliation with. As such we must refer to our oils as 'Types'.   

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