A home-based business is any business where the primary office is located in the owner's home. They don't have to own the property, but they do need to be running a business out of the same premises they live in for the business to be considered a home business.

More people are choosing to run a home-based business than ever before. home based business buttonw

Many online businesses are ideally suited to be home-based businesses, but it's also increasingly common to see professionals from travel agents through Notary Publics operating home-based businesses.  Folks are able to use their special skills such as cooking, cleaning, yard work, painting, tree services, hauling, delivery, resumes, moving, graphic work, home repair, sewing, interior decorating, and many others.

Expenses such as the daily commute to work are eliminated and they have lower overhead from not paying rent, utilities, and other expenses on an office or store front.

We recognize the importance of getting the word out about these Home Based Business so we are offering them a new, affordable online advertising listing in our Dallas Area Home Base Businesses " directory. This includes the Southern Dallas and Ellis county areas.

We are using our office/warehouse in Glenn Heights, TX as a  "Hub" for our customers (those listings with us) for the following:

  • A location for home businesses to exchange items sold to customers.  Appointment times will need to be made in advance.
  • Vendor fairs from time to time to showcase products for home businesses.  The public will be invited.
  • Networking events with other home businesses from time to time.  We (ABG Marketing) will also pass out business information to all of our customer base.

The following information can be posted as well any additional requested by business:

  • Name of Business (or person’s name)
  • Address (if requested)
  • Phone number (if requested)
  • Fax number (if requested)
  • Email address
  • Website Link (if any)
  • Facebook Link (if any)
  • Instagram Link (if any)
  • YouTube Link (if any)
  • Any other social media link.
  • A complete description of products/services offered as well as estimated times of services/delivery, payment methods, etc. will be posted. 

Contact Us for more information on having your home based business information posted in our "Dallas Area Home Based Businesses" directory.

Click Here fo see examples of Home Based Business postings.  We are just getting started on these postings, so check back as we grow the list.


To have your home based business listing posted in our “Dallas Area Home Based Business " directory, the fees are: 

 $50 per year


If a home based business wishes for us to set up an online store and post their products for sale, the fees for the directory listing and your own online store will be: (click here for more information on online stores)

$100 per year

 We can also help you with your Social Media Marketing by helping you create your own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

We accept most credit cards:

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