Dig DeSoto Event - Saturday, February 22nd

DeSoto, TX - We are excited to be partnering with Urban Dallas Farm Peace. Love. & EatzPeace Love & EatzPeace. Love. & EatzFROOT KAVES to give back to the community. VOLUNTEERS young and old are needed.

SUPPLIES are needed, DONATIONS are needed. Some items are listed below:

Water - Gatorade - Towels - Gloves - 2 x 4 x 6 - Chicken Wire - Garden Racks - Wheel Barrows- Yard Cart - Shovels - Pruning Shears - Loppers - Hand Trowel - Biodegradable Pots

Items that are being donated can be drop off prior to the event. Monday - Saturday 9am to 3pm

Monetary Donations can be made via link below


Source: Urban Dallas Farm