DeSoto, TX - Did you know that the City of DeSoto Health Department offers a state-approved Food Handler Course? The City's Health Department requires anyone who handles and serves food in a commercial kitchen to have a valid Food Handler Certification.

Any person who does not possess a valid food handler card from an approved course within 30 days after his or her employment in a food establishment is not allowed to continue his or her

Once obtained, the Food Handler certification is effective for a period of two (2) years and may be renewed upon successful completion of additional approved refresher courses. In order to be eligible to attend the class, pre-registration is required. Interested participants can contact the City's Action Center to register for the Food Handler course. The cost of the class is $10.00 per person, and a minimum of 10 students are required before the class will start.

The Food Handler course will enable attendees to perform necessary food handling functions and understand the different factors that can cause food alteration or contamination and the possible consequences they can have on the health of consumers. The topics of the food handling course are prepared in accordance with the Texas Food Establishment Regulations (TFER). The course covers the following essentials of handling food:

Principles of proper food hygiene

Types of contaminants and the hazards associated with food

Types of food-borne diseases

Temperature control, conservation, and storage of food

Appropriate risk prevention and food handler’s hygiene

General cleaning and handwashing

Food information laws

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