Desoto Municipal Court achieves success with Driver License Initiative Program

DeSoto, TX - Presiding Judge Scott E. Kurth of the DeSoto Municipal Court proudly announced that for the period from October 26, 2020 to October 21, 2021, the DeSoto Municipal Court has assisted 131 different defendants in obtaining either an Occupational Driver License or their Class C driver license!

According to Judge Kurth, “It is a simple truth that it is impossible to live a normal life in Texas unless you are able to drive legally and without the constant fear of arrest for outstanding, unresolved citations. To that end, the DeSoto Municipal Court will assist any defendant who comes to our court with an analysis of their driving record and instructions on what they can do to get a driver license.”

Judge Kurth is willing to talk with any defendant and provide information on what the defendant must do to reinstate their driver license. Many defendants are simply unaware that they are eligible for a driver license. Judge Kurth is demonstrating his court’s commitment to this program by regularly reducing fines and costs for defendants who actually follow through and get their driver license after talking with the Judge. For more information, call DeSoto's Municipal Court at (972) 230-9673