DeSoto, TX - Severe weather season in DeSoto and the rest of North Texas runs from March through May, so it is important that DeSoto residents stay actively aware of the weather and prepared to take action in order to protect their families and property.

Staying safe means knowing the forecast at all times and being aware of weather threats. While the City will help to do its part, the best way to stay connected is to frequently check the National Weather Service in Ft. Worth forecasts on Social Media and to watch the weather reports during local news broadcasts

One of the most frequently updated sources of valuable weather information is the Twitter feed from the National Weather Service in Ft. Worth, and you do not need to be a Twitter subscriber to access it: red

A free and easy way to receive such alerts is to sign up for DeSoto’s Code Red emergency notification system. You can register online and chose how you receive your alerts (Text, Email, and/or phone calls)

You should also have multiple sources for automatic alerts that are tied to realtime alerts issued by the National Weather Service.

There are numerous effective weather alert apps available from your favorite local news stations. You can download these apps on your smartphones, and they should be available at the official download sources tied to your type of phone. Once there, you can enter the search term “dfw weather” and several download choices will be available.

Weather Radios are a fantastic source of emergency weather information and have added features such as strobe lights, flashlights, multi-band access, and some have hand cranks or solar chargers in case your batteries get too weak.

Here are a few links to where you can get information about the best-rated weather radios:

Many residents have come to rely on warnings from Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens over the years, but please be aware that these sirens are only meant to warn residents who are outside to take shelter inside immediately. Remember that the proximity of sires to your home, the type of material from which your home is constructed, and the noise of the storm may make the warning sirens more difficult to hear. The main purpose of these Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens is to warn those outdoors to seek shelter indoors ASAP. Also, on Wednesday, April 6, the City of DeSoto tested its Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens and the results went well. You can view a video of this test here: 1082248962637413

The National Weather Service published an extensive amount of safety information related to the arrival of Severe Weather Season, and they are pleased to share their information in English and in Spanish.