DeSoto, TX - On Monday, February 20, the City of DeSoto held a joint meeting to update members of the DeSoto City Council, DeSoto Planning & Zoning Commission,

and the DeSoto Development Corporation’s (DDC) Board of Directors about progress with the development of the City’s updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan that will guide DeSoto’s future development for the next 10 to 15 years.image

In addition to providing a thorough briefing, the meeting allowed members from leadership groups the chance to share thoughts on where specific types of development should or should not be considered. 

 “It’s important to have all of the guiding agencies in this process together in the same room to make sure everyone is at the same understanding of the project so we can move forward with one united vision,” said DeSoto City Manager Brandon Wright. “An important aspect of this process is to ensure that there are frequent opportunities for public input.” 

DeSoto’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan project has included several surveys, social media and website postings, direct emails, public meetings, and the formation of a community-led steering committee for the purpose of examining the project in detail.

Less than a week earlier, on Thursday, February 16, the City of DeSoto held its Community Conversation #2 at City Hall to provide an update for residents on the Comprehensive Plan’s draft vision and goals. This meeting also included a Hampton Road Corridor Plan Update. Residents were offered an opportunity to walk through important aspects of the plan and ask questions of staff and City consultants. 

The City is asking for public input again through the latest online survey which will be available through March 3rd.

“Because the development plan that we are working on today will help to shape the face of DeSoto for the next decade and beyond, it is very important to have the thoughts and input of our residents,” said DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor. “So in addition to attending our meetings or viewing them online along with the draft details of the plan, we are asking all of our residents to share your voice by taking our online survey about the Comprehensive Plan through March 3rd.  You can find the link and the QR code to take you to the survey page via the bright orange posting on all of our online platforms.”  

The Comprehensive Plan Survey #2 will be live until March 3. DeSoto residents are encouraged to click on the link below or through other City platforms to ensure that their voices are heard!

If you would like to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan project please visit the project website at

To view the Monday, February 20 joint meeting visit:

And to view Thursday, Feb 16 Community Conversation #2 meeting go to