DeSoto Outdoor Warning Siren Activation

Published: 29 December 2015 29 December 2015

DeSoto, TX - In response to questions regarding the activation of warning sirens prior to the storm event on Saturday, December 26, 2015,

the City of DeSoto would like to provide the following information:

6:08 pm - Southwest Regional Communication Center, the 911 Call Center, activated DeSoto’s outdoor warning siren system.

6:28 pm – Storm hits Desoto

6:40 pm – Sirens were activated again. Normal operation was verified.“At this point, we are unsure whether there was a malfunction of the sirens on the first activation at 6:08 pm,” said DeSoto Fire Chief Jerry Duffield. “We verified the second activation at 6:40 pm and confirmed that the sirens were operational at that point.”

The sirens are routinely tested on the first Wednesday of the month at 2 pm in good weather. No malfunction was detected on the December testing. “As soon as this weather system clears and we have sunny skies, we will do another test of the system to verify that it is operating properly,” said Chief Duffield.Outdoor warning sirens are to warn individuals outdoors to seek immediate shelter inside. The sirens are not intended to be heard indoors since most outdoor sounds, including warning sirens, can't penetrate many buildings. When you hear the sirens, go indoors and seek shelter in the most interior room in your home or office. Once you are in a safe location, tune to your local radio or television station for emergency information.

Outdoor warning sirens are a valuable tool in helping to keep the public safe but they should not be the only way that you receive warnings about dangerous weather. The City of DeSoto’s Office of Emergency Management suggests additional layers of protection against severe thunderstorms including having a NOAA weather radio in your home and monitoring local radio or television stations for emergency information.

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