Attempted Robbery in DeSoto

DeSoto, TX - On Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 22:38 hours DeSoto officers were dispatched to a ROBBERY ALARM at 809 S. I35E Service Road in DeSoto (Exxon Tiger Mart).

Upon contact the clerk advised an unknown black male attempted to rob the store and after failing to do so fled the scene in a white sedan.

The clerk advised the unknown suspect entered the store a few minutes prior to the incident and asked if the air machine was functioning. The suspect then went outside to his vehicle and remained there for several minutes. The suspect then reentered the store with his hand in his right jacket pocket pointed out as if he was concealing a firearm. The suspect stood at the checkout counter and told the clerk to give him all the money in the register. When the clerk refused the suspect stated, "You sure; you don`t want to get shot do you?" The suspect then started to walk behind the counter to confront the clerk but when he noticed the clerk triggered the silent alarm he left the store. The suspect got into a white sedan and drove south bound on the frontage road toward Glenn Heights.

Surveillance video shows the suspect entered the store around 22:34 hours & exited at about 22:36 hours. The suspect appeared to be about 5`8" to 5`10" and about 180 lbs. The suspect had a beard, green sweater, gray vest, khaki pants, and desert brown boots on. The suspect fled the scene in what appeared to be a white sedan with a spoiler.

At about 23:30 hours Hutchins PD contacted DeSoto dispatch and advised they had a robbery occur at 23:16 in which the suspect description was similar to the BOLO that was sent out by DeSoto.

DeSoto Police are asking anyone with information on this incident to report it to 468-658-3000.

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