Chattey Road Reconstruction Project

Desoto, TX - The reconstruction of Chattey Road is included in the City of DeSoto’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Currently, Chattey Road is a two‐lane asphalt roadway located within a residential community.

There is with heavy pedestrian school traffic along Chattey Road and there are no sidewalks. Chattey Road will be reconstructed from Pleasant Run Road to Belt Line Road and will include a 25 foot residential concrete roadway with curb and gutter, closed underground drainage, sidewalks, retaining walls, landscaping and lighting.chattey

The design phase of the proposed project is complete. The proposed horizontal alignment will have few changes. However, the new vertical alignment will improve sight distances when traveling along the street.

In order to accommodate the proposed construction, additional street right‐of‐ way and easements were necessary. All needed right‐of‐way and easements have been acquired from private property owners.

Before construction, franchise utility companies such as phone, cable, electric are being relocated outside of the proposed roadway surface and proposed infrastructure improvements. These relocations are expected to be complete by January 2019. Bids for reconstruction of Chattey Road were received in October, 2018 and construction is expected to begin in February, 2019.

Public meetings will be held in the coming weeks designed to provide information about the actual construction phase of the project and how it will affect the surrounding neighborhoods.

For more information, please call 972.230.7309.