'Malfunction' Sounds Outdoor Warning Sirens in Dallas County Overnight

DeSoto, Lancaster, TX - If you were hearing sirens and you live in the DeSoto and Lancaster areas, don’t worry, there is no severe weather headed your way. According to the DeSoto Police Department non-emergency dispatch line, the sirens are going off due to a malfunction or a glitch.

Dispatch informed NBC 5 that the issue is being looked into.

Tweets about the sirens started popping up on social media at about 2 a.m. Tuesday.


— Mike Flo (@DynaMIKE_GoBOOM) March 12, 2019

🤦‍♀️why do we have a false tornado siren going off in Lancaster Tx? Smh Thanks Lancaster for waking us all up at 2:30 am.

— Deanna Laurence (@LaurenceDeanna) March 12, 2019

Lancaster on something tonight with these tornadoes sirens going off but nothing being reported anywhere about bad weather @CityOfDallas

— MarshMallow (@untamed_genius) March 12, 2019

why are these sirens going off in lancaster?

— bre. (@ItsBreee___) March 12, 2019

Officials have not said what caused the glitch at this time.

Both the cities of Lancaster and DeSoto have released statements about the warning siren malfunction and are working quickly to resolve the issue. 

Source: NBC 5