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Published: 08 December 2019 08 December 2019

DeSoto, TX - On Thursday evening, December 5th, Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan met with representatives from DeSoto’s homeowners associations (HOA’s) and other participating residents to discuss issues of importance that were raised by attendees.

The Mayor’s 360° meetings are held four times per year and are well known for their candor and ability to secure meaningful results.


Mayor McCowan’s Quarterly Conversation Tackled Multiple DeSoto Issues At Once


“We call these quarterly meetings the Mayor’s 360° meeting because I use the allotted time to discuss virtually anything and everything that is happening in DeSoto that is of concern to the representatives of our homeowners associations and our residents who attend,” said DeSoto Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan. “The pacing of the meetings is fast and allows us to address many important subjects in a limited amount of time. They are very productive meetings!”

 meeting 1

DeSoto Officials from Left to Right: City Secretary Kisha Morris-Perkins, Deputy City Manager Isom Cameron, Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore III, Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan, and Interim City Manager Renee Johnson.


Mayor McCowan was joined by colleagues Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore, Council Member Nicole Raphiel and Council Member Dinah Marks. The meeting also included the active participation of DeSoto’s key City officials including Interim City Manager Renee Johnson, Deputy City Manager Isom Cameron, Police Chief Joe Costa, and Fire Rescue Chief Jerry Duffield.

 meeting 2

The Mayor’s 360° concept in action


“I’ve been to every last one of these Mayor’s 360°’s and the Mayor’s 360° is important because we’re able to talk with the City leaders, the police, the fire, as well as code compliance to find out everything that is going on in and around the city and to be able to give some input and feedback to some of the things that are going on,” noted longtime attendee Pierette Parker from the Hampton Meadows HOA. Parker said she attends these meetings regularly because it helps her feel connected to the City, “I feel like you are able to bring up things that you wouldn’t normally bring up in a big forum. It’s almost like private conversations become citywide conversations. “

 meeting 3

Visible in foreground by proximity: Deputy City Manager Isom Cameron, City Council Member Nicole Raphiel (Head showing), Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore III, Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan, with additional HOA representatives at the top of the photo.


Some of the topics that generated conversation Thursday evening included traffic enforcement, facilities renovation, infrastructure repair, trash &recycling collection, issues with standing water, fitness initiatives, and the need to improve customer service in the area.

 meeting 4

Even our room set-up encourages 360° communications!


The Mayor's 360 Quarterly Meetings are held quarterly and begin at 6:30 p.m. at 211 E. Pleasant Run Road. The next Mayor's 360° Quarterly meeting will be held in March of 2020 in the DeSoto Civic Center.


Matt Smith

Communications Manager

City of DeSoto

Communications Manager

City of DeSoto