Fraud Alert in Desoto

DeSoto, TX - The DeSoto Police Department wants to alert our residents to a scam that is circulating in our area.

Scam artists pretending to be police officers have been calling potential victims and telling them that they have an active warrant for their arrest and that they will be arrested unless they mail gift cards to them at a specific address.

Please be aware that DeSoto Police will NEVER call a resident to ask that cash cards, gift cards, or any form of compensation be mailed in order to prevent the enforcement of an arrest warrant. If any DeSoto residents receive a call of this nature, please report it to us (or your local law enforcement agency if you live elsewhere) immediately at (972) 223-6111.

This is just one variation of this scam, and there are many other identities that scammers might use. The bottom line is that you should not purchase cash cards, gift cards, or other valuable items and mail them to anyone on demand under these or similar circumstances.

Stay safe DeSoto!