DeSoto asks residents to make the COVID safe choice this Thanksgiving

DeSoto, TX - The City of DeSoto encourages all residents to have a safe Thanksgiving Holiday by taking steps to protect your family and friends during this high period of positive COVID-19 cases.  

“DeSoto residents are making their own holiday decisions, and we want them to be fully aware of what the medical experts are saying,” stated DeSoto’s Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore on behalf of the City of DeSoto. “County, State, and Federal partners are advising that safe holiday practices include spending Thanksgiving with those with whom you live.  Bringing extended family and friends to your dinner table increases the chances that your celebration may result in additional exposure.  One way you can show gratitude and love for your family and friends this holiday season is to help protect them from unnecessary risks.”

Information from the following medically respected sources is readily available to help DeSoto planning Thanksgiving celebrations. Understanding the risks related to gatherings during the Pandemic can allow you to still celebrate the holidays while still safeguarding your family and friends.

In addition to the Thanksgiving guidelines, please continue to follow the daily medically proven anti-COVID protocols of wearing a mask in public, keeping a 6-foot distance between yourself and others, frequently washing and sanitizing your hands, and avoiding crowds and persons without masks.  

 Contact: Matt Smith, DeSoto Coms Manager 

kenzie moore 2

Photo of DeSoto Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore who is quoted in the above news release