DeSoto Saturday Night's Winter Storm Update + news of Sunday Water Give Away

DeSoto, TX - DRINKING WATER GIVEAWAY: On Sunday, February 21st, the City of DeSoto will be giving away bottled/canned drinking water to residents who are without water service.

Residents can pick up water on Sunday by driving through at DeSoto’s new Fire House, 206 S. Parks Street DeSoto, Texas, between Noon and 5 PM (or while supplies last). View event flyer here:

  • WATER CONSERVATION NEEDED: DeSoto’s water system has held up well during the winter storm event, but during the current thaw it is likely we’ll see an increase in water leaks as frozen residential pipes begin to thaw and burst.  That’s why over the next several days the City of DeSoto Public Utilities Department is asking our residents to limit their water use to essential needs such as drinking and cooking to ensure that we can continue to provide sufficient water flow and pressure throughout our water distribution system.  If water must be used for purposes other than essential needs, here are some ways our residents can conserve water:

Refrain from washing laundry and dishes if possible. Refrain from washing your vehicles at home or the carwash. Try and take short showers instead of baths. Limit showers to 5 minutes or less including the time it takes for the water to warm up. If possible, capture the water that runs before it turns sufficiently hot. This captured water can be heated to use for cooking or washing dishes. It can also be used to flush a toilet by adding this captured water to your toilet tank. Do not allow water to run continuously while brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or shaving, etc. Capture drinking water in a pitcher and store it in the refrigerator instead of opening a faucet each time to get a drink of water, Only allow faucets to drip when temperatures are below freezing.  When temperatures rise above freezing, please turn off the faucet, Keep your cabinet doors open so that the warm air in your home can circulate to your water lines and keep them warm.  This will also help to prevent frozen and burst pipes, If your experience a burst pipe, please shut the water off to that line immediately.  If you are unable to shut the water off, please call 972-230-9627 as soon as possible, and a crew will be dispatched to your residence.  If you live in an apartment community, please contact apartment management immediately, we greatly appreciate the sacrifices the citizens of DeSoto are making to sustain the water supply through the next few days.water

  • GARBAGE SERVICE UPDATE: On Monday, February 22, Republic Services plans to resume their regular collection schedule for DeSoto’s residential garbage routes interrupted by the recent Winter Storm. Because collecting accumulated household trash is Republic’s main priority, they will limit the collection of less critical items such as bulk waste and brush. Given the anticipated large volume of household trash, Republic will probably not arrive at your home at the usual time. Therefore, it is extremely important that you put your trash out at the curb no later than 7 AM on your scheduled day.  Please keep your trash secure until then. Thank you very much for your patience during this difficult week.
  • EASE UP ON THE GAS: Atmos Energy is asking residents who use their natural gas services to try can conserve that during this stretch of severe weather. Here is a link to their flyer explaining this:
  • FOOD DISTRIBUTION EVENTS: Mayor Rachel Proctor has compiled a list of Food Distribution events and staff added to it. You can view this list on our Facebook Page:
  • SENIOR MEAL SERVICE SET TO RESUME MONDAY: The Senior Center is hopeful that meal service could resume on Monday. Parks & Recreation, which runs the Senior Center, will update this status on their social media platforms and via the voicemail at the Senior Activity Center: 972-230-5825. 
  • RECOUPING DAMAGES: DeSoto residents were impacted by the Winter Storm and have receipts to prove it should visit the State's TDEM website for info on how to recoup some of your storm losses:
  • DESOTO CITY GOVERNMENT HAS REOPENED: City of DeSoto Government Offices including City Hall, Municipal Court inside of City Hall, the Public Library, and the Recreation Center reopened to the public at Noon on Friday, February 19. The City set the Noon start time because road conditions are forecast to be slippery in the morning and extra time might be needed for workers to report. Many workers were in place at the regular time. The DeSoto Recreation Center reopened Friday from 4 PM to 8 PM for users who registered online.
  • COVID UPDATE: On Saturday, February 20th Dallas County reported 333 new COVID-19 cases which included 255 confirmed cases and 78 probable cases. They also reported 25 COVID deaths including the very sad loss of a DeSoto woman in her 40’s who had underlying high risk health conditions and who died in an area hospital. Here is a link to Saturday’s COVID News Release from Dallas County.
  • VACCINATION INFO UPDATE/FAIR PARK: Dallas County HHS reported that Dallas County’s Fair Park vaccine operations will resume on Sunday, February 21 from 1-6pm. They will be providing second doses to those who were due for their second dose on or before Friday, February 12. If your last name starts with the letters A-M, they ask that you arrive between 1:00pm-3:30pm on Sunday. If your last name starts with the letters N-Z, please arrive between 3:30pm-6:00pm. On Monday, February 22, they will be open from 8am-5pm and providing second doses to those due on or before Saturday, February 13. For those arriving on Monday, please plan to come around the same time you received your first dose. For more information and to check for any weather related updates on Fair Park vaccine operations, please visit To view their full press release follow this link:
  • VACCINATIONS FROM PARKLAND/ELLIS DAVIS RESUME MONDAY: Due to the weather, the COVID-19 vaccine drive-through locations at Ellis Davis Field House and Dallas College-Eastfield Campus will be closed until Feb. 22. More information about all closings at Parkland:

Matt Smith

DeSoto Coms Manager