Thorntree Golf Course Getting Front Facelift Thanks To DeSoto Dev Corp 50/50 Matching Façade Grant

DeSoto, TX - On Monday the DeSoto Development Corporation approved a $50,000 matching 50/50 façade grant so that the legendary Thorntree Golf Club could restore its gateway entrance to the original luster of its 1983 debut.

Since that 1983 opening (when newspapers and postage stamps were still .20 cents each), Thorntree has played host to thousands of professional golfers through Byron Nelson qualifying tournaments, PGA Tour stage qualifying tournaments and sectional qualifying tournaments for the Texas State Open.

NBA star Spud Webb once lived in a house on the property and legend has it that “Michael” and some of his Chi-Town teammates even golfed there after one of their Two-Peat or Three-Peat

It’s a part of DeSoto’s history and soon it will look like time stood still for it. Here a news release filling in the rest of the details:

Since it first opened its fairways in 1983, thousands of professional golfers and star athletes have graced the greens at DeSoto’s famed Thorntree Golf Club, which is said to be one of the most beautiful and toughest golf courses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Over the years, the links haven’t gotten any easier, and now some updates are coming to the gateway entrance of this famed golf course. Thanks to a $50,000 matching 50/50 façade grant approved at Monday’s DeSoto Development Corporation meeting, the face of Thorntree will look as beautiful as it did when it opened in 1983.

“The image of our City benefits as a whole when the exteriors of properties, especially business properties, are well maintained and beautifully landscaped,” said DeSoto City Manager Brandon Wright. “The DeSoto Development Corporation’s matching 50/50 façade grant has provided many DeSoto businesses with the financial incentives needed to commit to sprucing up their appearances while helping to beautify the areas where they do business.”  

 One of the City’s Business Plan goals for the year is to find ways to partner with Thorntree Golf Club, which serves as an important anchor of the community. “By utilizing the existing Façade Improvement Program being offered to other DeSoto businesses, we are able to promptly enhance the attractiveness of that neighborhood while making this course one that more and more golfers will want to play.”

According to the conditions of the grant, Thorntree Golf Club is prepared to make a minimum of $100,000 in improvements to the gateway entrance area and other aesthetic improvements with the City providing a reimbursement for eligible costs, up to $50,000.

If you own a public-facing business in DeSoto and believe it’s time to make aesthetic improvements to the front of our business, please visit the home page for our Façade Improvements Grant Program at            


Matt Smith, DeSoto Communications Manager,