DeSoto, TX - The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in May of 2020 evoked worldwide outrage and national protests. It shook our nation to its core. When it became clear that a verdict in the prosecution of Mr. Chauvin would soon be handed down,

marchthe civic partnership of One DeSoto worked together to determine the best and safest forum to bring the people of DeSoto together to participate in the history of that moment. Wednesday’s One DeSoto Justice March was the result.

One DeSoto is a collaboration of leaders from our schools, our faith community, City Government, Chamber of Commerce, and our public safety first responders. More than

100 members of the DeSoto Community gathered under this leadership for the One DeSoto Justice March on Wednesday evening, April 21, in front of the Disciple Central Community Church (DC3) on Polk Street.

DC3’s Pastor Marcus King welcomed the gathering.  His colleague, Senior Pastor Epps of the Community Missionary Baptist Church, gave a rousing opening prayer. The gathering was then energized by youth speakers, Jamison McBride, Kiley Brown, and Joshlyn Parker.

The march stepped off onto the Southbound lanes of Polk Street around 6:30 PM and for the next half hour, the One DeSoto group marched side by side with the community and our proud and reliable first responders (DPD, DFR, and SWRCC) to DeSoto Police Headquarters on Belt Line. Marchers were frequently encouraged by Northbound motorists shouting support from their passing cars and honking their horns in a friendly manner. They even picked up a few stragglers along the way.

Upon arrival, a second speaking presentation began on the steps of DeSoto Police Headquarters. Youth participants spoke first with a poem by Trinity Gardner and thoughts from Michelle Kalu. School Board President, Amanda Sargent, unexpectedly started her poignant comments with a song. Longtime DeSoto favorite Rachel Webb walked to the microphone and moved everyone with a flawless rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Other powerful voices of our community who helped wind down the Justice March included DeSoto ISD Superintendent Dr. D’Andre Weaver, DeSoto Chief of Police Joe Costa, DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor, and finally a deep and stirring closing prayer from Senior Pastor Curt Krohn of DeSoto’s Faith Bible Church.

When DeSoto has faced difficult times in the past, we have come together to find comfort and strength. That’s how One DeSoto was formed and that’s how the community spent Wednesday’s Justice March.

Coming together makes us stronger, makes us better. It makes us One DeSoto.