DeSoto, TX - DFR Fights Fires, Provides EMS Service, Coordinates Emergency Management, Leads Anti-COVID Operations, Responds First to Terror & Hazardous, & more! DeSoto Fire Open House Saturday 10 AM-Noon 206 S. Parks Drive, DeSoto

At one time Fire Departments focused primarily on fighting fires and maintaining their equipment, but the world has become more complex and the challenge of addressing many critical safety issues has become part of the daily duties of America’s fire departments.firehouse

DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor has known for a long time about the many critical duties that Fire Rescue routinely carried out to protect the people of DeSoto but said that many residents that she talked to were “blown away” when they learned the scope of Fire Rescue’s total operations. Accordingly, she asked our Fire Department to put together a town hall meeting to help inform our community about all facets of their operations and to really dive into what they do.

On Monday evening, May 24th, the City of DeSoto held its first-ever public safety town hall meeting devoted exclusively to the operations of DeSoto Fire Rescue and on Thursday we continued that discussion via a City broadcast focused on Seniors who are homebound due to the Pandemic.

“The essential role of our firefighters in protecting our nation became clear on 9/11 and they have been taking on more and more of the most critical challenges that we face since then,” noted Mayor Rachel Proctor who added, “I consider DeSoto’s firefighters and paramedics to be ‘Rock Stars’ because of the many risks that they take on our behalf and for the great job that they do every single day to keep DeSoto’s residents, our homes, and our businesses safe!”

DeSoto Fire Rescue helps coordinate the City’s Emergency Management operations including maintaining the outdoor emergency warning siren network and emergency outreach notification systems. They helped to organize and lead DeSoto’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, provide paramedics and ambulance service to DeSoto and portions of our neighboring cities, handle swift-water rescues, serve as liaisons on critical issues to the US Military, the State of Texas & Dallas County, and they operate the Desoto Fire Training Center which is one of the few municipally based fire academies that is open to any resident looking to receive fire rescue training. Finally, after our nation was attacked on 9/11, America’s firefighters were recognized as part of our critical first line of defense against terrorism.

 Someone who has seen the shift from firefighting to handling almost everything else of an emergency nature is DeSoto Fire Rescue Chief Jerry Duffield, “If anyone thought that fire fighting is strictly about fighting fires, they should know that is only a small portion of the many critical responsibilities that we handle every day.” Duffield added, “Our assignments have become so diverse that the ‘E’ in ‘fire’ now stands for ‘everything,’ and the challenges that we face can be compared to snowflakes in the sense that we will never have the same shift twice!”

To view Monday’s Public Safety Town Hall Meeting in its entirety, visit our website at:

To view Thursday Morning’s DeSoto Economic Recovery Advisory Task Force broadcast about DeSoto Fire Rescue aimed at DeSoto’s Homebound Seniors visit our Facebook Live page at

If you would like to see DeSoto Fire Rescue’s operations behind the scenes, please join us at the open house for Fire Administration and Fire Station 2 on Saturday, May 29, 2021, from 10 AM to Noon at 206 S. Parks Drive, DeSoto, TX. You can view information for this open house here:

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