DeSoto ISD trustees expected to discuss censuring board member over breach of ethics

DESOTO, Texas — The DeSoto Independent School Board of Trustees is expected to discuss the possibility of censuring one of its members.  The agenda for the board’s April 25 meeting includes a closed session discussion item regarding a proposed resolution to censure Trustee Karen Daniel.

Daniel, a longtime educator, represents Place Three.

Desoto ISD board members and administrators wouldn’t go into detail about the reasons for the potential public reprimand. However, public documents on the school district’s website shed some light into the issue.  

In a draft resolution, Daniel is accused of breaching the Texas Open Meetings Act and breaching her ethical duties. The document claims Daniel shared information included on a certified agenda held Tuesday, April 19, by email to an individual who wasn’t included in the executive session. It describes her alleged actions as disruptive, undermining the orderly governance of the district. It further states a public censure is the only option to make it clear, for the record, the board in no way condones her actions.  

Should a resolution to censure Daniel pass, suggested punishments could include demanding Daniel abide by the board’s adopted code of ethics, demanding she participate in additional board training, and demanding she cease all actions that have negatively impacted the board, students and the community.

So far, Daniel has not responded to requests for comment. 

It is not uncommon for school boards to move to censure or publicly reprimand a colleague. It’s happened in other school districts across Texas. 

DeSoto ISD Board of Trustees meets Monday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m.

Source: WFAA


The Board of Trustees is expected to have a closed session discussion about Trustee Karen Daniel and alleged breach of ethics during its April 25 meeting.