DeSoto Claims National Record On Exciting Day 2 Of State

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- When it comes to Texas track and field, DeSoto's girls program has developed a reputation that stretches far beyond its Dallas Area roots.  And so when the Eagles stepped to the track for the first of three relays the program was expected to compete for a championship in on Saturday at Mike Myers Stadium,

there was a sense of impending doom for anyone on the line not wearing a green and yellow jersey. 

The girls didn't disappoint. 

Backed behind a tremendous team effort and nearly flawless hand-offs, senior Rosaline Effiong finished off the Class 6A 4x100 relay with a new national record, hitting 44.24 on the clock and surpassing, officially, Long Beach Poly's 44.50 from 2004. 

"We knew we could do it again and break it," said Effiong, a senior headed to the University of Arkansas. milesplit50header

A week prior, the DeSoto girls had technically broken the national record, hitting 44.44 seconds on the clock at the Region 6A-1 Championships, but Texas doesn't officially track records not broken at the state meet. 

So from that point, DeSoto had a new mission. 

"We worked on our handoffs all this week," senior Taylor Armstrong said, holding a Class 6A medal in her hand. 

To actually watch the relay would be a study in how-to science. From the execution of verbal cues, down to the timing of runs, all the way to the outstretched hand-offs and clear running, the Eagles were perfection. 

And for Effiong, who missed parts of her junior season due to injury, it was all the more rewarding. 

"It's so exciting that we were able to do this," she said. "It makes me emotional." 

Not to be outdone, DeSoto's girls returned to the track in the 4x200, winning in a time of 1:36.18, then finished off the Class 6A meet with another title in the 4x400, scoring a time of 3:39.79. 

Three wins, 60 points. 

DeSoto claimed yet another dominating Class 6A team championship, scoring 121 points overall.

Source: Mile Split