How do you decide on a fragrance?

DeSoto, TX - How do you decide on a fragrance? We have customers who come in and smell a fragrance and get captivated by the top note of the fragrance. That’s good, since it is the first scent that your nose encounters.

However, we like our customers while we are talking and sampling other fragrances to come back to that initial scent and sniff again. Why? Because selecting a fragrance is a smell

Here is what we at Chasfragrance recommend:

Don’t decide after smelling a smell card. Use the cards, but then we recommend that you sample the fragrance on your skin.

However, there is a caveat; don’t put more that two or three fragrances on your skin at one sampling. Remember to refresh your nose by smelling some coffee beans between different fragrances. Give the fragrance a little time to settle onto your skin. Then, after a couple of minutes, smell your skin. Does the fragrance still smell as you initially smelt it? Usually there will be a subtle change because of your body chemistry, and that should be where you can decide if you want to buy.

You can also request a sample from the retailer so you can wear the fragrance before buying. Either way you stand a better chance of selecting a fragrance that you will wear because it fits your body chemistry.

Otherwise, as we all have experienced, it will sit on the shelf, unused. So, come on out and smell our many fragrances.


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