The Duncanville Police Department held “Operation: Etch and Catch”

Written by Duncanville Police Dept. Duncanville Police Dept.
Created: 22 March 2021 22 March 2021

Duncanville, TXThe Duncanville Police Department held “Operation: Etch and Catch” on Saturday, March 27, 2021, from 9 am to noon.  Trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are prime targets for thieves looking to steal catalytic converters.

The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system located underneath the vehicle and is designed to reduce the toxicity of emissions from an internal combustion engine. Thieves steal the catalytic converters because they contain small amounts of precious metals including platinum – which is worth up to $1,290 an ounce; palladium – which is worth up to $2,300 an ounce; and rhodium – which can trade for up to $24,000 an ounce on the market. Trucks and SUVs have been specifically targeted due to their higher stock ground clearance levels. Owners often only realize their catalytic converter has been stolen when they hear an abnormally loud exhaust noise upon starting their vehicle.etch

Thieves can steal the converters in as little as 90 seconds and the cost to the owner for replacement of these devices can range between $900 and $2,000. Catalytic converters do not have serial numbers or identifiable markings making it very difficult for law enforcement officers to return the property to the owner when suspects are arrested with these stolen vehicle parts in their possession.

To help combat these thefts, the Duncanville Police Department is offering FREE etching on catalytic converters. This identifiable etching will help law enforcement officers identify the victim of the theft and return the property to the owner. At this time, we are going to be etching the vehicle's license plate number on the converter till we come up with a better system to etch the entire VIN.

If you want more information on this program please contact Officer Doug Sisk with the Duncanville Police Crime Prevention office at (972) 780-5027 or by email at .