Duncanville Fieldhouse and LionStream Media Announce Live Streaming Partnership

Written by Alex Hamby Alex Hamby
Created: 18 July 2019 18 July 2019

Duncanville, TX - The Duncanville Fieldhouse is getting a major technological upgrade that will deliver live performance streaming capabilities like never before. Duncanville Fieldhouse’s partnership with LionStream Media™ allows fans to view live events in 4K high-definition so that people can always take part in those “can’t miss moments” - irrespective of distance or schedule conflicts.

LionStream Media’s service delivers high-definition streaming of sports events through fixed cameras setup on each of Duncanville Fieldhouse’s six basketball or ten volleyball courts. People unable to attend basketball, volleyball, martial arts or other events in person will be able to view their family and friends via computer or mobile device from anywhere in the country or the world.

Subscriptions are priced at $4.99 for a single-day, $9.99 for an event or weekend or $14.99 for a monthly pass. Subscriptions provide live viewing of events as well as the ability to download the game to watch later and share.duncanvillefieldhouse wordmark2 final png8

Duncanville Fieldhouse, when vetting potential streaming partners, prioritized finding a company that could also provide secure streaming of both their Before and After School and Summer Camp programs as an exclusive service for parents. This service will allow parents to check in on their children with a special code allowing parent-only access.

“It’s exciting to lead the way in bringing youth sports and technology together,” said Craig Brasfield, Duncanville Fieldhouse’s General Manager. “Through this partnership with LionStream Media we are able to provide a valuable service for coaches, players and families with live streaming along with the ability to download and edit video.” 

“We understand that life can sometimes interfere with being at every live performance,” said Derek Cotton, LionStream Media Founder and President. “With LionStream, you can experience a live game as it occurs, download the content, and share it with others. Parents and fans no longer need to watch events from the confines of their tiny screen for fear of missing a moment, let LionStream do the capturing work for you. Instead, you can enjoy the entirety of the experience without the fear of missing a moment.”

LionStream is taking Duncanville Fieldhouse to next technological level, allowing fans and parents to experience hosted events in ways never before available.  It’s one of the many steps Duncanville Fieldhouse is taking to better serve tournament participants, players, patrons, and coaches.

About Duncanville Fieldhouse

Duncanville Fieldhouse is the premier home for diverse and exceptional indoor sports, entertainment, fitness and community events. Duncanville Fieldhouse strives to serve the community through exceptional customer service and by teaming with local fitness entrepreneurs to bring fresh exercise experiences, youth leaders to offer the best in Summer Camp and After School programming, as well as offer amazing spaces within the venue to hold corporate or sponsored, public or private events.

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About LionStream Media

LionStream Media™ is a cutting-edge subscription service that allows real-time event streaming in 4K resolution. Our fixed-position cameras capture the action of amateur sports, plays, recitals and other events and allow ticket holders to watch loved ones’ in real-time or view them later, wherever you may be – with the ability to download, edit and share those ‘can’t miss’ moments.

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