Parent Technology Academy Opens with Class on New Student Information System

Created: 14 September 2016 14 September 2016

Duncanville ISD – In this evolving digital world, it can be challenging to keep up with new technology developments. It is no different in schools where districts strive to provide the best service possible with ever-changing technology trends.

Duncanville ISD understands the struggle and they are offering a way to empower and educate DISD parents. The Technology Department has developed a Parent Technology Academy to teach parents and guardians about current trends in social media, websites and techy tools that students use each day.

The first Parent Technology Academy session is this week, Thursday, Sept. 15, at 6:00 p.m. and will provide hands-on instruction in the district’s newly acquired Skyward Family Access system. Technology instructors will show parents and guardians how to go online to check students’ grades, attendance and much more.

“More informed parents are better able to help their children and enable them to become stronger students,” said Duncanville ISD Technology Director Kyle Berger. “The Parent Technology Academy is all about taking away the fear of the unknown and empowering parents to see the value of these technology tools.”

There are only 50 seats available in this first Skyward Family Access session, which will be held at the IdeaHub (900 S. Cedar Ridge Drive #100 in Duncanville).

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Two additional Parent Technology Academy sessions will be offered for Skyward Family Access this year: Tuesday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Nov. 10.

Additional Parent Technology Academy sessions will follow and expand to include social media and online safety tips:

Session Subject Date and Time Location
Session 1 Access in Skyward Family Access.

This hands on session will show you how to get online to check your child’s grades, attendance and more using the districts new Skyward Family access.

Sep 15th  6:00 p.m.

Oct 4th

Nov 10th

Seating is limited to 50

for these session

Session 2 Social Media and your Child

Learn about all the popular apps that students are using today. Tips on what to look for and what apps to talk with your child about. Get informed of the dangers that might already be on your child’s devices

Oct 20th

Jan 19th

Session 3 Digital Citizenship

Learn about ways to make your child safe online. Tips for checking what websites they have visited and tools to help you guide them to appropriate internet content.

Nov 15th

Feb 16th

Session 4 Digital Playground for Parents

Stop by to gets some hands on with district technology that is used in classrooms all across DISD.

March 2nd IDEA HUB

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