Duncanville High School Choir Shares Inspirational, Virtual Performance Of ‘Stand By Me’

Dallas, TX - People are clicking on a virtual performance by the Duncanville High School choir, alumni and staff, and for good reason — it’s beautiful.

Their version of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand by Me’ and premiered Thursday night and has already had more than 1,250 views.

“We are really excited with how this project turned out and the message that they share through song. If it’s one thing that this crazy, weird, barely-believable time has shown us, it’s how much we really do need each other,” said choral director Jesse Canon. “The words to this song have taken on a whole new meaning in the light of what’s going on right now. Still, I believe that we can get through it together – so let’s stand by each other.”

The choral program was the only high school ensemble chosen to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Texas Music Educators Association convention in February.

It was one of many prestigious honors awarded to the program.

Source: CBSdfw

Click on the video below to watch: