You may not always think about your water heater, but it is a system that works around the clock in your home. You use it when you do loads of laundry, when you shower, even when you wash your hands. It’s a necessity we don’t always give much thought to… until it stops working.

If your water heater needs a repair or replacement, get in touch with Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experts will evaluate your heater and determine the best course of action. We have been providing HVAC solutions to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years, and we are only a call away.

What Does A Water Heater Do?water heater

Your water heater is responsible for getting the water through the pipes, to its proper destination, and at the correct temperature. Most of them have tanks, and these tanks store your hot water. Water travels through the main water line into your home. Just before it gets to your water heater, it splits into two separate pathways. When you turn on the hot water, cold water enters the water heater tank. The tank heats the water, and the hottest water rises to the top and travels through the heat-out pipe to the hot water tap.

Signs That Your Water Heater Is Malfunctioning

eing out of hot water is a major inconvenience for you and your family. Don’t wait until the issue has gone too far. If you experience any of these signs, get in touch with Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating right away.

Your Hot Water Isn’t Hot

Are your showers not as hot as they used to be? Do you miss the steam that would cloud your site as you stepped out? Have you needed to schedule time in between your laundry loads to allow your water to get hot? Your water heater is most likely in the decline if your water isn’t as hot as it used to be.

Tank Is Leaking

If your water heater leaks at all, regardless if it’s a small puddle or a river, you need to get it checked out immediately. If your water tanks gives out completely, your home will be dealing with galloons and galloons of water leaking into your belongings.

Makes Strange Sounds

Screeches and bangs are not sounds to be ignored. If your water heater is making loud, strange noises, it’s trying to relay you a message. That message is most likely that it is ready to retire.

Equipment Is 10+ Years Old

Water heaters are built to last about a decade. If your unit is approaching this mark or is past it, it has reached its operating life. Our experts can take a look and determine if it still has some life left. If not, we will replace it before it starts giving you any serious problems.

Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating Is A Call Away

If your water heater is showing signs of failure, don’t wait another second. Get in touch with Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating. We will send our crew over to provide an affordable solution!