Ovilla, TX - I live in the Oak Leaf/Ovilla/Red Oak area and wonder, like most people living in the area, about how the current construction of Ovilla Road will look like when it is finished.  The following are some of several comments made by local neighbors on www.nextdoor.com:

Question: "So I had a question, as I see all of the markers continuesly going up I'm wondering if there was any way to see the plans and or make a petition/study for those homes that the road will be right against their fence line for noise and safety. Anyone might have any info about that, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm looking into attending the city council meetings as well to get any info."


Response: "The construction going on right now is utility relocations.

You might be able to see plans for the cities' water and sanitary sewer lines, but you won't be able to see any of the franchise utilities like AT&T.

The roadway construction project is scheduled to be let in May. Based on the typical TxDOT submittal schedule, the final plans should be complete and under final review in preparation for letting in May. It typically takes 60-90 days from that point to get all of the administrative contracts complete and for construction to begin.

As for the roadway section, there will be six lanes with sidewalks. The widening along Little Creek Estates will be completely on the north side of the road. You can look across the street and see where the new power poles are located to get an idea of the limits of corridor. To get a feel for where the driving lanes will be located, the curb line for the eastbound lanes (heading toward Red Oak) will be basically where the edge of the pavement is right now. The three future eastbound lanes will be on top of the existing pavement as it is now. The roadway looks to be about two feet or more lower than the existing road at the edge. So, the road will not be any close to your fence than it is now. As for noise, a study has to be performed and meet a threshold for the amount of increase. If the forecasted noise stays within the threshold, then the project is deemed to produce no adverse impacts.

The design speed for the project is 40 MPH, considerably less than it is now and a little lower than what we experience as the driving public. The amount of traffic will gradually increase as our community continues to grow and develop. One way to look at this in the short term is what travels in one lane now will be travelling in three lanes when the project is finished. That means traffic should clear in one-third of the time, but not necessarily increase the driving speed. As more development occurs, the traffic will increase but it will be a long, long time before is fills up the six-lane section.

The attached image is from the public meeting and shows the area by Little Creek Estates.

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