About Frank's Referrals

We are often asked for a recommendation for a plumber, painter, lawn care, etc. as we have a lot of businesses listed in the Business Directories section of this website.

For this reason, we have started a new marketing program called Frank’s  Referrals.

While the primary mission of the Best Southwest Guide website is to gather and post News Articles, Events, Announcements, Business Information and other interesting information regarding the area, we want our website to be a real Business Resource for the Southern Dallas and Northern Ellis county areas viewers. 

We want our viewers to be able to find a local business service they want/need, regardless if it is a “Handy Man” to fix a problem in their homes, or a fine restaurant to dine. 

Frank’s Referrals will provide a list of businesses that we fully recommend.  Below is the information that we will provide for our referral members so the viewers can make a decision on the business that fits their exact needs, location, etc.

  • Name of Business
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website Link (if any)
  • Facebook Link (if any)
  • Instagram Link (if any)
  • A full description of services offered
  • A complete list of  all your services so the Search Engines can find you. 
  • Listing includes an enormous amount of information about your business including history, products, services, hours, location information, photos, and other information at the business request.  Listing looks like a mini website.  Also, can be posted in as many Business Categories as requested in the Business Directories section of the website. 
  • We will work hard to get your past customer recommendations and testimonials and add them to your post.  This information can be crucial for propective customers to decide what business they want for their service needs.
  • We publish an article summarizing the businesses information under the “Frank's Referrals Articles” menu section of the website. (Click For Examples) That article is also posted on our front page from time to time and posted to our two Facebook pages, Best Southwest Guide, and Frank’s Referrals.  In both of these posting, this information is also linked back to your “Frank’s Referrals Listing” for viewers to learn more about your company.  
  • Post your sales events or special offers as they occur upon your request. 
  • Post as many “Coupons” as you may want for special Event Savings in our Coupon Section. (Click For Examples)
  • Post as many “Classifieds Ads” for services, employment needs, etc., as you may request. (Click For Examples)
  • Recommend your services on www.nextdoor.com and other Social Media.
  • Once your information has been posted we will provide you a link for you to post in your email to existing and potential customers.

To join our Frank’s Referrals, the fees are:

 $100.00 per year

For examples of Frank’s Referrals Listings, click on the links below:

Health Care



Shopping and Services

For more information on joining Frank’s Referrals, click on Contact Us, or email at .


Click Here for more information about Referral Marketing and how Frank's Referrals can help you grow your business.


 We accept most credit cards:

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Note: We have a language translator at the top of right of this website that will automatically change the entire website into a chosen language upon your click.


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