Lancaster, TX - Every year, Lancaster’s Code Enforcement Officers are kept busy from mid-March through October monitoring the growth of grass, weeds and other vegetation in the City.
As the season opens let’s review requirements and methods of enforcement, which are provided in Chapter 14, sec. 14.09.015 of Lancaster’s Code of Ordinances.

At its most basic level, this ordinance tells us that, "All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds and non-ornamental grasses in excess of 12 inches, including rights-of-way areas between property lines"1999 Grass

Other points to remember with respect to grass and weeds:
  • Property owners or occupants are responsible for mowing all areas between their property lines and streets or alleys
  • Sidewalks and curb lines on and adjacent to one’s private property must be kept free of grass, weeds, and vegetation.
A normal level of care and maintenance nearly always suffices to keep a property within the requirements of this ordinance. This in turn contributes to the beauty of the City, enhances property values and attracts investment in business and residential property. It’s easy to do your part to keep Lancaster beautiful!
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