BROOKS: Remembering Missy

Midlothian, TX - Almost 19 months ago someone savagely took the life of a 45-year-old wife and mother of three young girls. Not only was Missy Bevers a wife and mother,

Missy was part of an extended family that continues to mourn the awful experience of losing her that day.

While I have great respect for law enforcement and the arduous task every department faces, it is becoming more frustrating, even alarming, that Missy’s killer has not been found. I’m sure those in law enforcement are frustrated, as well. No one having done what was done in the dark, early morning hours of April 18, 2016 will ever escape justice though. Rest assured, if justice isn’t served here, it will be served on judgment day.missybevers 234x300

So what is a family to do when someone they loved was taken and the person responsible remains on the loose? Many of you know by now that I lost my mom in a similar fashion 26 years ago, but at no time did we wonder who was responsible. We knew who did it and were given some semblance of peace when justice was served fairly and quickly. Had I not known who killed my sweet mother? I can only imagine the obsession to find the beast.

Missy’s family is a kind family. They don’t seek the limelight and they have been respectful in all the dealings I’ve had with them. They are strong, persevering, full of faith and determined to see that Missy’s killer is brought to justice. It is the purest form of justice they deserve and will one day, I’m convinced, receive.

We all lose loved ones in life, that’s a bit obvious. As we grow older, the list gets longer. Some though experience far less death than others and most will never experience what it’s like to lose a loved one to murder. While certainly not easy to explain or even describe, losing someone for whom you have great love at the hands of another creates feelings no one should have to experience. Intense anger, palpable bitterness, deep desire for revenge and tested faith, if allowed, can be all-consuming. There are a million reasons to have a strong family unit, beautiful friends and an authentic faith in God - losing a loved one to murder ranks as one of the most important reasons. For without the unconditional support family and friends can provide and without the refuge found in the arms of a loving God, murder can destroy those left behind.

Missy’s family is extraordinary in that they aren’t being destroyed by what happened in that church building on a Monday morning 19 months ago. Instead, they quietly wait for the police to find the person responsible. They help take care of Missy’s girls and they go about living life best they can. If I didn’t already have admiration and respect for the family, the way in which they’ve dealt with such a devastating experience is more than enough to admire and respect them. On levels hard to express, I also have an abiding, connecting love for them. They don’t deserve any of what’s happened yet they seem to know that all will be well one day. They are good people and although bad things - sometimes very bad things - happen to good people, Missy’s family will have a blessed reunion someday.

And maybe, just maybe, that will erase the pain of April 18, 2016.

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light