Kroger Marketplace opens its Midlothian doors; offers fresh produce, Starbucks, bistro and more

Written by Andrew Branca Andrew Branca
Created: 30 November 2017 30 November 2017

Midlothian, TX - A thunderous round of applause resounding off of the newly completed brick-and-mortar walls as the ribbon was cut to officially open the new Kroger Marketplace in Midlothian the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Members of the community, the Midlothian High School band, and cheerleaders welcomed the store staff to the community Friday, Nov. 17.

The grocery store is a part of the new Midlothian Towne Crossing retail center. Construction on the development began in August 2016.

“The customers are excited. A lot of them were already shopping at other stores whether it is a Kroger in Mansfield or a Kroger in Cedar Hill. With us being in their neighborhood it is going to be more convenient for them,” Kroger store manager Jesse Avelar said. “We are excited to be able to serve the Midlothian community, for sure.”

The store is more than 120,000 square feet and features a full bakery, pharmacy, cheese shop, meats department, deli, floral department, and a wide selection of fresh produce. It also includes a Starbucks and a bistro.

“The bistro is giving the customer another option for lunch. It is something that is quick and easy. We definitely try to do what is best for our customers,” Avelar stated. “We want to definitely provide you with a highly-satisfying experience, for sure. That is what we strive for.”kroger

Avelar added that he looks forward to providing residents with a great shopping experience. He said customers can expect friendly service from the staff and fresh products.

Midlothian Mayor Bill Houston stated that residents have waited in anticipation for the stores opening. He noted that he had received a lot of phone calls and emails from residents asking about the grand opening.

“I think that it is awesome. I think that it is a new step for Midlothian to have something like this here,” Houston said. “People are excited about the store being here. It is the real anchor for this (shopping) center. Those other stores will help this one, and this one will help those others. I think that it is a beautiful store and it is a wonderful place.”

Houston stated that Kroger is going to work to have the store reflect the local atmosphere of the community. He noted that the store gives people additional options when they go out on a shopping trip.

Customer Hillary Leavitt stated that the store adds to the overall community.

“It is beautiful. It is really big and everything looks so clean and fresh,” Leavitt shared. “The nuts and seeds and the organic sections and the deli are great.”

Leavitt added that she has been driving by the store each day waiting for it to open its doors.

Fellow customer Pete Falk shared Leavitt’s excitement about the store.

“I think that it is great and has a great layout,” Falk said. “It has everything that you need.”

As a part of its opening celebration and commitment to the community, Kroger donated $1,000 to Midlothian first responders. A $1,000 donation was also made to Manna House. Manna House provides a food pantry for senior citizens and residents experiencing a financial setback, financial assistance with utilities, clothing, school supplies, and counseling and useful education for those reentering the workforce.

The Midlothian Kroger store is located at 2200 Farm-to-Market Road 663. It is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Source: Nueces County Record Star