3 arrested for fraudulent credit card use at Midlothian Walmart

Written by Andrew Branca Andrew Branca
Created: 16 December 2017 16 December 2017

Midlothian, TX - Reports of suspicious activity at the Midlothian Walmart led to the arrest of three individuals on Dec. 9.  Officers were dispatched to the store at 1:54 p.m. located in the 400 block of N. U.S. Highway 67.

arrest 1“Sergeant Kyle Boyd responded with officers Matt Shipp and Joe Vera to suspicious activity at the Midlothian Walmart. The asset protection officer reported three males were suspected of using other people’s credit cards to make purchases,” Midlothian Police Capt. John Spann said. “Officer Vera made contact with a store employee who pointed out the suspects as they left the store separately. The three males were detained as they exited the store.”

Yoan Marquez Ramos, 28, and Pedro L. Pinero Puentes, 45, were each arrested on eight charges of engaging in an organized criminal activity. Jorge Diaz Borroto, 23, was arrested for eight charges of engaging in an organized criminal activity, one charge of a forgery of a governmental or national institution or money, and one charge of fraudulent use or possessing identifying information.arrest 2

According to online records from the Wayne McCollum Detention Center, Diaz Borroto has bonds totaling $100,000, and Pinero has bonds totaling $120,000. Marquez Ramos is no longer listed as an inmate at the detention center.

arrest 3Spann explained it was determined that the three individuals had been in the Walmart on the date of the arrests and previous periods using credit cards that did not belong to them. The investigation is still in progress and a final report is not finished at this time.

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light