Midlothian Police identify 8 residences, miles of roadway affected by weekend rain

Midlothian, TX - A police car, a roadway and several residences are among those most damaged by the heavy rainstorm that hit Midlothian last Friday.  Thankfully, no fatalities were reported.

“We are currently in the process of doing our evaluation on those residences,” Midlothian Police Capt. John Spann explained. “As of today, we’ve identified eight residences that have floodwater damage.”

With flash flood warnings in effect throughout North Texas throughout the weekend, much of Midlothian was swept up under the violent weather.flood

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Lee Carlaw, Ellis County saw approximately five inches of rain throughout the weekend, with pockets of Midlothian showing eight to 10 inches.

Among those affected was Midlothian Police officer Cody Moon, whose vehicle was submerged at North Highway 67 while responding to a call on Friday.

“He was there to set up cones to keep traffic from driving out of the hotel or the Walmart parking area onto the roadway,” Spann explained. “He thought he was turning to go into the driveway of the Pizza Inn, misjudged it and didn’t hit the driveway. Instead, he went off into the side, which caused him to go down into that drainage ditch.”

Spann said the vehicle’s engine was entirely submerged into the rising waters, and the inside passenger compartment was filled as well. After Moon was safely removed from the car, Spann said the vehicle was transported back to their department and is waiting to undergo an inspection from insurance. Moon was not harmed during the incident.

In addition to vehicular damage, the storm also washed out part of a roadway near the bridge at Plainview Road.

“There’s about a four-foot gap between the bridge and the roadway,” Spann said. “There was so much water coming through there it washed out part of the roadway that leads right up to the bridge into the creek.”

Assistant city manager Clyde Melick said the city shut down the roadway Monday morning and will keep it closed until repairs are complete. Melick said he hopes repairs will take about two weeks, but he cautioned that is subject to change.

“Until we get in there and really see the full extent of it, we can’t really guess on that,” Melick explained.

Melick said additional damages from the storm include a 35-40-foot section of lost culvert washed out onto North Onward Road, turbidity in Joe Pool Lake and the Tayman water plant shut down as a result of it. Melick said the Auger water plant would provide the city’s water needs for the time being as they work to filter the debris out from Joe Pool Lake.

“We had so much rain in such little time,” Spann said. “It’s never done anything like that since I’ve been here. And I’ve been here 28 years.”

Spann said Ellis County is asking for state and federal assistance, but the county has to meet a damage threshold of $540,092 to be eligible. If you or somebody you know had damage from water entering a structure, please email a contact name, phone number, address and further details to .

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light