Midlothian Scam Alert

Midlothian, TX - The Midlothian Police Department has been notified that residents are receiving calls from a male using the name, Kevin Scott, claiming to work for Midlothian PD.

The caller ID displays the non-emergency number (972-775-3333) through a spoof device.scam

He informs you we have warrants out for your arrest and provides a number (1-844-242-xxxx) to call to make payments.

We do not have anyone in our agency by that name and do not solicit warrant payments over the phone. Also, we do not accept gift cards towards payment.

This is a twist on a common scam currently being used. The caller states a family member or close friend is in some type of distress or scenario that requires money.

The caller then asks you to purchase some type of gift card or pre-paid credit card and give them the number on the card for payment.

Don’t fall for this. No legitimate company or agency will ask you to purchase these types of cards. If you receive such a call, report it to the Police Department, and don’t become a victim.