Water Treatment Plant Team Ensures Reliability and Quality

Written by City of Midlothian City of Midlothian
Created: 30 June 2021 30 June 2021

Midlothian, TX - Where does the water come from that serves the City of Midlothian’s retail and wholesale water customers?

 Joe Pool Lake

 Tarrant Regional Water District

 Both

If you answered both, you are correct. The surface water from these two sources is treated at one of Midlothian’s two water treatment plants to meet the high drinking water standards set and monitored by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The annual Consumer Confidence Report for Midlothian’s water treatment system was recently published for both the Tayman (No. 1) and Auger (No. 2) plants, showing that Midlothian continues to be recognized as a Superior Public Water System. This designation is held by only 700 out of the 7,024 active water systems in Texas (as of July 2019). It implies that the water system is exceeding minimum acceptable standards for the system operations and the quality of the water. Over the years, Midlothian has also received many awards from the Texas Water Utilities Association for the Best Tasting Drinking Water, the most recent being a runner-up award in 2017.

For the most part, the hard work and dedication of the Water Treatment Plant team goes without notice because the water system works the way it should to provide safe and good tasting water. During the winter weather disaster in February, many neighboring cities were forced to issue boil-water notices because their water treatment plants were unable to function properly due to the extreme cold temperatures. Midlothian’s plants, by contrast, remained fully operational during the winter weather event thanks to the crews standing 24-hour watch to ensure a safe and uninterrupted water supply.

Auger Plant's team includes: (pictured left to right) Richard Blair, DeAndre Martin, Justin Hutto, the soon-to-be-retired plant manager Tim Walker, Amy Rabozzi, and succeeding plant manager Joe Richey. Tayman Plant's team includes: (pictured left to right) Alan Gonzalez, Alec Duncan, and Jose Estrada.

Much more information can be found on the City’s website under the Utility Services Department about the Water Treatment Plants, water conservation, storm water management, and water quality. https://www.midlothian.tx.us/767/Utility-Services