Dallas, TX - For the first time since the abrupt closing of all schools across North Texas last March, Life School is reopening its doors for students who have elected to return to in-person learning on Monday, September 14th.


“Life School’s mission is to develop leaders with life skills through strong academics, character training, and partnerships with parents and the community. We understand that while remote learning might be an effective option for many, others have a great need for an in-person learning option.” says Life School Superintendent Dr. Brent Wilson. “It is critical that we provide a face-to-face learning option for families with working parents, students who need additional instructional support, and overall social and emotional wellness concerns.”

According to the CDC, extended closure of schools can have a negative impact on children’s academic progress, social and emotional development, nutrition, and even level of physical activity. By opening their doors, Life School is providing access to important programs and services that students need.

Nearly 40% of Life School students have elected to return to in-person learning for the first nine weeks. Parents who wish to change their student’s learning option to face-to-face learning will be given the option to do so at the end of each nine-week grading period. This allows the families who prefer or have need of being on campus the ability to do so, while also creating opportunities for adequate social distancing as campuses will not be at capacity.


Life School has been diligent to follow all CDC guidelines for reopening campuses and is committed to providing this option in an environment that is safe for students and staff. The district has developed protocols and procedures for prevention and mitigation of the spread of COVID-19, as well as protocol for contact tracing and responses to positive cases that do occur.

Staff have been equipped with PPE including face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, plexiglass partitions, among other items. Where possible, Life School has made necessary accommodations for staff with elevated health concerns.

Students in grades 4-12 will be required to wear masks while in classrooms, hallways and common spaces. It is highly recommended that students in grades K-3 wear face coverings throughout the day. Life School has also invested in student desk shields to allow for safe work in small group settings.

Each day, every campus will receive a thorough disinfection treatment while student workspaces will be sanitized between class periods. All surfaces, seats, and high-traffic areas will be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant solution, microfiber towels and an electrostatic sprayer.

“We have monitored protocols and practices in other school districts who have opened and experienced limited exposure and spread of COVID-19. Life School has created necessary safety protocols and procedures to maintain a safe environment for our students and staff. We understand that there is a risk associated with choosing to send students back to campus and each family must weigh that risk, along with other factors, carefully. Every family in our district has the ability to choose the option that best fits their needs,” says Wilson. “Ultimately, we are pleased to have been able to quickly make the necessary adaptations to our learning models so that we can best serve the needs of all of our families.”

About Life School

Life School opened as an open-enrollment public charter school in 1998 and has schools in Carrollton, Oak Cliff, Dallas, Cedar Hill, Lancaster, Red Oak, and Waxahachie. The mission of Life School is to develop leaders with life skills through strong academics, character training, and partnerships with parents and the community. For more information, please visit lifeschool.net.

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