Premium Advertisers

For SW Dallas Small Business Network Participants

We are offering a "Premium Advertising" package for SW Dallas Small Business Network Participants. This includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • All the information as outlined in the SW Dallas Small Business Nework Business Listing.
  • Name of your Business will be listed on the Menu under the Premium Advertisers section of this website. This area will be the most dynamic section to promote your businesses. We will post any information you wish as this is your own private section of the website.  It can include information about your business, news stories from the press specifically about your business, articles about some of the products you carry, videos we create or you create about your business, events that you are having, etc. (Click For Example)
  • We can set up an Online Store to post your products or services in a “Shopping Cart” format.  If you already have an e-commerce website, we can post any new, special promotional products, or discontinued producst, while still linking customers to your website.  Note: there may be addition fees charged if travel, photo taking, photo enhancement, or similar services or required. (Click For Example)
  • We can work with you on setting up and managing an Email Marketing campaign for your business. (Click For Example)
  • Besides taking a Video Interview” of you and your business, we will come by and take live videos of some of your events or products you wish to promote over social media.  
  • We will follow your postings on your Facebook page regarding products, events, or videos and "Share" them on all of our Facebook pages outlined in the SW Dallas Small Business Network advertising package.
  • Post any “special products” (discontinued, seasonable) on over 100 local Facebook selling groups that we belong as members.
  • Post as many “Special Offers or Coupons” as you may want for your event savings promotions in our "Special Offers" Section. (Click For Example)
  • Post as many “Classifieds Ads” for services, employment needs, etc., as you may request. This is another area we can promote your events, even personal garage sales. (Click For Example)
  • Recommend your services on and other Social Media.
  • We will create a Banner Ad for each member with the Premium Advertisers package and post a different participant Banner periodically with the title of "SW Dallas Small Business Network Spotlight".  The Banner links to participant's  Business Listing.  Refer to our front page for an example.
  • Once your information has been posted we will provide you a link to your Business Name under  the "Premium Advertisers" section on our front page for you to include in your emails and correspondence to existing and potential customers. (Click For Example)
  • Participants will be promoted from time to time through email marketing on our periodic Newsletters to businesses and individuals in the Southern Dallas area.
  • We will add more online services as we develop them to help showcase and promote your business.

Video Interview

We will conduct a video interview with you and your business or use a video that you created or one created by a Chamber of Commerce or other associations you may belong to, that will be streamed  on this website in your "Premium Advertisers " section and on our  YouTube Channel and Facebook pages.


If you want to become a participant of the “SW Dallas Small Business Network” Premium Advertisers and let us advertise and promote your business throughout the year on the Internet and Social Media, as outlined above, the fees are:

 $150 Annual Fee

 + $25 per month for all the services listed above.

Note: You may discontinue your participation any time you wish with a 30 day notice.

For more information on Premium Advertisers, click on Contact Us, or email at .

 We accept most credit cards:

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