Classified advertising is an inexpensive and easy way for small businesses to connect with potential customers. It's a great way to get the word out about your company, especially if you can't budget for other forms of advertising. 

Purchasing classified advertising for your business will typically work out a lot cheaper than buying other media space such as print, radio or TV ads.


Using classified ads allows you to focus your marketing on the areas you do business in and reach people who are likely to buy goods or services from you.  There'll be little point in advertising in classified listings that are mainly distributed in areas you're not willing to travel to or trade in. This won't be an issue if your business is mainly online with us.

Our website services the Southern Dallas and Ellis county areas so there is a large poplulation that can see your ad.


Radio and television advertising is all well and good, but it's not in front of potential customers all the time. If somebody experiences a leak and needs to contact a plumber, they're not going to turn on their radio and wait until they hear an ad for one. Potential customers will be able to search for you all the time your ad is live and updated online.


Our online classified services allow potential customers to contact advertisers directly through their websites, if they have one. This means that people looking for the goods or services you sell can make an inquiry simply by clicking on a link to your website, or clicking through to send you an email from a computer, or contact you directly by phone.

Classifieds for Individuals

Individuals can use classified ads as well as businesses to reach viewers about events, items for sale, things they may be looking for, etc.


We have several options:

  1. $5 per classified ad.
  2. FREE for as many classified ads as requested if you are a participant of a SW Dallas Small Business Referrals Advertising ad package.  Click Here for more information about this advertising package.

Contact Us to have one of our representatives contact you.

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We take most Credit Cards

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