About Organic Remedies By Chas

DeSoto, TX -   Organic Remedies was originally started as an essential oil retailer in 2019. We offered certified organic and/or wildcrafted essential oils. Covid-19 caused us to take a hard look at our offerings and how they benefit our customers.

As a result, we realized that our customers needed to strengthen their bodies in a natural holistic way. We began to blend our essential oils with organic herbs to create simply tonics, salves, liniments, healing body butters and other products to help relieve the symptoms of chronic and acute pain. Our primary focus using these products is to provide pain relief, and help our customers to strengthen their bodies naturally. We have designed our offerings to help alleviate the symptoms of pain with or without (after consulting a physician) their  medications. 

Our goal is to provide customers with topical remedies that help reduce the symptoms of pain. Our herbal teas are blended to help nourish the body and support our topicals. We seek to provide a service that is custom designed to reduce the discomfort that our customers are experiencing in their own bodies. Everyone one is different; we can’t design blended solutions based upon each and every customer’s individual profile. However, we seek to provide a range of products to help customers choose one that works for them. Some customers have symptoms that may require a moistening herb or a drying herb. A blended salve for a first aide use, or a relieving body butter to address joint pain that requires moving blood to the area. Each ailment has its own energetic that requires a particular type of remedy. 

Due to the nature of pain today, some patients are currently using medications that have been prescribed by their physician. We highlight whether we think an ingredient in our herbal formulation might interfere with what a customer’s medications. we have an Aromatherapist on retainer to review our offerings and provide us guidance in that area..

We invite you to visit us at our store located at 324 E. Belt Line Rd., Suite 607, DeSoto, Texas 75115

Call us for information or just to discuss your symptoms and see what we have to offer. You can reach us 682-408-4186.


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