Reindeer Manor Halloween Park, Red Oak, TX

Red Oak, TX - For 2020 come visit our no-contact drive through Halloween attraction! For the first time ever, enjoy Reindeer Manor from the comfort of your own vehicle. Guests will traverse the entire thirty two acres, seeing the original buildings and structures on this old manor property.

They will drive through a Post-Apocalyptic wasteland where a secret chemical has been released and is causing chaos. Mutants are attracted to fast motion and light, so keep your headlights off an keep your speed slow. Your mission is to make it all the way through the monsters and mutants to reach the safety of Outpost 59, who has been trying desperately to give you guidance with unreliable radio contact.

Standard Ticket. This ticket is good for admission of one vehicle with an occupancy of up to 8 persons. (Legally seated in the vehicle. Ie no truck beds, lap seating etc.)

High Occupancy Ticket. This ticket is good for admission of one higher occupancy vehicle with over 8 persons on board.(Legally seated in the vehicle. Ie no truck beds, lap seating etc.)

Rules and regulations. The acting staff will not touch or come into contact with your vehicle. Keep speed under 5mph, police enforced. Observe all applicable vehicle laws. Please keep traffic moving along. Maintain a car length in front of you. Follow the road.Headlights off, running lights on, no flashlights or off road lighting. Due to Covid restrictions there is no place to park a car and leave it unattended for any length of time for any reason. Keep all body parts, object, etc, inside the vehicle at all times.



City of Red Oak, TX is under siege. Over run by enhanced humanoids. RM47, an advanced human skirmish drug, designed to chemically enhance strength, audible and visionary skills to benefit the modern warrior, has been involuntarily discharged upon civilians in the surrounding area resulting in mutations, violent behavior and murderous rampage.haunted

This is a restricted area known to be very dangerous.

A shipment of RM47, in route to an undisclosed facility, was mistakenly delivered to a lab in Red Oak, TX where it is believed to have been released unbeknownst to its employees.

August 31, 2020 Operation B.E.R.S.E.R.K, a super soldier experiment in biological conflict was launched in the event tactical force upon enemies was not successful. This operation involved extensive research in creating the perfect specimen for combat excellence in strength, size, weaponry and fighting skills. The responsible drug for such ability is RM47, Radioactive Material 47.

*Side effects are violent behavior with a thirst for flesh and blood. More evidence and testing is needed.

Be Advised that the area is dangerous and unsurvivable without support.

The infected are known to emit a green glow. If encountered exit the the area in a calm and rational method. It is known that the infected react to light and quick movements.

If you find yourself in this area, an outpost has been resurrected for survivors. Tune into your radio for instructions and directions to safety. Any living persons in this area are to be directed towards Outpost 59 where B.E.R.S.E.R.K Security Task Force Members are extracting any and all survivors.

This area has been approved for extermination. It is in your best interest to exit the area as soon as possible. You have been warned.

410 Houston School Rd.

Red Oak, TX 75154


Source: Reindeer Manor