Federal Government Intervention causing Supply of Monoclonal Antibody Shortage

Ferris, TX - Some have questioned the statement that Regeneron told the City of Ferris Texas that there was not a supply shortage and that this change was due to the federal government wanting to control where the drug went. Because of that, we will share the conversation with Regeneron.

Please know, Regeneron is not the at-fault party here. They are delivering life saving options. Our federal government failed us by intervening in this and we should all be disturbed.

We are not interested in the political blame game, so we are not going to speculate as to whether or not it is partisan. What we will say is, we don’t care what personal agenda or vendetta a President, a Governor, or any politician has - it doesn’t take precedence over saving lives. What the City of Ferris cares about is that our federal government intervened in a process that didn’t require it and that a lack of planning and execution and an inability to be agile and develop a process on the move, is going to cost lives.

Our first goal should be the preservation of life. We are going to fight like hell to get the doses and serve our community.