Ovilla eyes new outdoor siren system

Ovilla, TX - With Texas spring storms coming, the Ovilla city council and city staff are working toward possibly purchasing a new outdoor siren system.

Ovilla City Manager Dennis Burn said the city has been pricing the options available.

“The sirens we have now are outdoor audible sirens,” Burn said. “The sirens are not for hearing inside if there is noise in the house.”

A 4,000-foot radius siren costs $19,450 and a 5,000-foot radius siren costs $21,450. This price covers all the labor, equipment and material for a complete operational system.

The city conducts siren testing the first Wednesday of every month and Ovilla Fire Chief Brandon Kennedy said in notes from this week’s council meeting that the siren works every time, but that there are some issues in the console in the dispatch center being worked out.

It was also noted that the current outdoor siren has many more years of use before needing to be replaced.

The current Ovilla city sirens did alert residents to the EF-3 tornado in December and recently the city calculated that the total labor and labor burden by the city in response to the tornado was $6,300. The information was forwarded to the Ellis County Emergency Management, but no reimbursement was given.

Burn and Ovilla Police Chief Brian Windham attended a FEMA meeting regarding public assistance for government entities.

Burn said the money is a federal funding of 75 percent to a city and the applicant cost is 25 percent.

The assistance being offered is to repair or replace damaged facilities to pre-disaster condition, but since Ovilla had no damaged facilities it was not eligible for the assistance.

Source: Midlothian Mirror