Motorcycle and Tractor Trailer Collide in Ovilla; police report is pending

Ovilla, TX - On Thursday Oct. 1, officers from the Ovilla Police Department responded to an accident involving a tractor trailer and a motorcycle partaking on both sides of FM 664, with an official police report yet to be released.

According to an update from the Ovilla Police Department website, “The operator of the motorcycle was Care Flighted to an area hospital with very serious injuries. Due to the extent of injuries, The Texas Department of Public Safety was requested to assist in the investigation.”

The accident spanned across both sides of FM 664, causing the entire road to shut down for safety. Because of the extensive accident, the Ovilla department received back-up from various departments surrounding the city.

“In addition the nearby day-care and public school traffic had to be rerouted in order to allow for the safe pick up of children and to protect the integrity of the scene as well as for the protection of all the first responders and road construction crews assisting. We appreciate the patience and understanding of the citizens as we worked to deal with this terrible event,” stated the update.

The crash occurred outside Shields Elementary School on Ovilla Road near Hampton Road.

“There was an accident Oct. 1 with a motorcycle and an 18-wheeler. The motorcycle rider is stable but in critical condition and that’s all we can really release,” shared Officer John Puente.

The official police report is still pending and should be out later today or tomorrow, according to Lieutenant Joey Bennett.

“We want to THANK the TXDPS, Ovilla FD, Midlothian FD, Care Flight, Glenn Heights PD, Glenn Heights FD, Red Oak PD, Red Oak ISD PD and Texas Sterling Road Construction Crew for their assistance. We pray for the healing of the injured and their family as they deal with the aftermath of this tragedy,” stated the police department.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light