Daylight reveals Tornado damage in detail

Glenn Heights, TX - I shot these on Sunday December 27th in and around Donald T. Shields Elementary school.

Although cloudy and on and off heavy rain, the daylight revealed the extent and power of the Tornado that ripped through parts of Ovilla, Oak Leaf and Glenn Heights. How wind can knock over 30 foot walls, blow out nearly every window and twist steel like a noodle, but leave papers, flags, and snacks on desks untouched is simply amazing. To see large pieces of debris embedded into the side of a building or burried several inches into the ground shows the power of a Tornado.

Thank you to the ROISD and ROISD Police for allowing me to return during the daylight.

Moving Pictures

Shields 1 300 Shields 2 300

One of many large HVAC Units lays on the sidewalk 60-70 yards from the nearest roof.


 Shields 3 300  Shields 4 300
 Classroom  Cafeteria
 Shields 5 300  Shields 6 300
 West entrance  Utility Trailer wedged between pillar and wall on the west side 
 Shields 7 300  Shields 8 300
 Classrooms  Classroom windows
 Shields 9 300  Shields 10 300
 Classroom  Heavy structual wall damage 
 Shields 13 300  Shields 17 300
 Classrooms  Classrooms